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Peden Nielsen @ ProDrift Academy at the International Mondello Park racetrack near Dublin, Ireland.

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James Deane 1 – Peden 2!! Round 2 of the ProDrift Academy Instructors title was held @ Mondello Park where my team yet again dominated!! As always keeping the GB3K present on track..

Check out the iPhone Gumball 3000 cover, keeping iPhone’s safe all over the World!

We’ve been gone so much lately that we arrived home to an empty fridge, went shopping for the first time in ages and finally found it – PEDEN PASTE!!


D-MAC update – FormulaD Sonoma 2009!

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We moved on to Sonoma’s Infineon Raceway for Round 6. We shared this weekend with the Indy Racing League. It was cool to see the single seaters on track but it made for a very long weekend as there was massive gaps between sessions. Formula D made us remove the rear wing as they deemed the mounts to be too big??? So putting the engine where the radio is is legal and our wing stays are illegal, i don’t understand??

My Top32 Battle was against Pat Mourdaunt in his S14. I hate Silvia’s!! so was really glad to move on from this one

Top 16 driver Introductions. Must say the blue suit looks much better than last years white one

Put your hand up if you think Falken should send the Saturn Sky to Ireland??????

My extremely frustrating Top16 Battle against Katsuhiro Ueo in his smelly S15. I don’t know how many times I’ve given out to Ueo for turning to the dark side. The AE86 legend who still owns 5 AE86’s also has a S15 and 350Z. That makes no sense to me. Anyway……. back to the drifting. I made contact with Ueo on the entry to turn one due to his questionable line. I was pretty pissed about this as my contact made me straighten and lose the run. The Judges ruled in favour of Ueo

The run was still pretty close

On the second run all i could do was lay down a solid run and hope lady luck smiled on me but it wasn’t to be. Another Top16 elimination……not impressed!!

The Saturn Sky really looks better with a GT Wing. A new much wider wing is being fitted for Irwindale along with “legal” mounts. Look at the smoke from the Falken Azenis RT-615’s………Nice

Cant wait for Irwindale now, full blog entry to follow, watch this space


D-MAC update – FormulaD Seattle 2009!

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Yo yo!

I have added loads of comments to each image.. just click the image to see!

Next up Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California


Blog update from Darren & Peden

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Darren & Peden here, just a quick update for you after our latest couple of events.

Round 2 & 3 of the US FormulaDrift Championship which were held in Atlanta & New Jersey – Two Very good events for us.. taking home a 2nd @ Atlanta and 1st @ New Jersey


Peden and I travelled over to Las Vegas for Round 4 of the FormulaDrift ( Championship last weekend, which I was leading after the 1st place finish in New Jersey (Rnd 3).
We arrived early this time, flew in from Ireland and landed on the Tuesday.. after some serious gambling we were due to go downtown to for an early Thursday morning radio interview with HOT 97.5 which is Vegas’s biggest HipHop/R&B station.

Peden brought along a wicked white GumBall T-Shirt for me to sign on air and for the station to eventually give away along with tickets to the event!

Friday evening was the first scheduled practice session, we arrived at a 110degree dry-heated Las Vegas Motor Speedway at around 4PM to see the newly re-designed Falken Tire/Sears Auto Centre, Saturn SKY – ASD who built the vehicle had made a lot of aesthetic changes for Rnd 4; New Carbon front diffuser, Carbon Doors, Carbon GT wing with custom mount & Satin black wheels with Falken Teil pin-stripe!

We did 5 laps of track testing during the Friday evening practice session (PLEASE INSERT IMAGE #11) followed by a VIP Falken Autograph session.

Saturday came and we started off with a quick trip out to Hoover Dam, for a little tourist action

After we’d done the tourist thing, we headed back to the track where we prepped the car for the last practice session before Qualification & the main event – Unfortunately we had catastrophic engine failure just before the practice session began, meaning the SKY was out for the weekend! I was given my Falken Team mate Calvin Wan’s S15 to drive, however due to rules&regulations I wasn’t allowed to do any practice.. Without any practice in a totally unfamiliar vehicle the only 2 passes I had were my 2 qualification runs, this proved not to be enough.

After a disappointing stint at the track we went to a Falken arranged film shoot @ the Vegas Gun Range.. Myself JR, Dai, Tyler, Calvin and Peden were there shooting it up!
..even Peden joined in and turned out to be pretty damn good with a hand-gun!!

Next two events are Very close together, with Round 5 (Evergreen Speedway – Monroe, WA) & Round 6 (Infineon Raceway – Sonoma, CA) only being 2 weeks apart!! August is going to be BUSY!!

Catch you guys later! Will have Lots of updates after August!

Darren & Peden

Darren McNamara Takes Second Place at Formula Drift, Road Atlanta

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May 11, 2009

ATLANTA, GA – Round 2 of the 2009 Formula Drift season saw Team Falken Tires’s Darren McNamara, running his Sears Auto Center Saturn Sky on the proving grounds of legendary Road Atlanta, advance to the finals against Chris Forsberg where he took second place overall. The finals proved challenging after the first competitive run was deemed too close and a subsequent run requested by the judges – and known among the Formula D competitors and fans as a “One More Time” – ended with paint trading and McNamara in second.

Darren is now in 3rd place Overall in the Championship and 2nd in the Tripple Crown Series.


MCNSPORT’s “D-MAC” Qualifies 3rd overall @ Atlanta – FormulaD USA Rnd 2, 2009

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Full qualification sheet to come when it is released!


Back in the ATL!!

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Hi everyone!

Its been a while since last post here, been so so busy with – its just Crazy Busy!!

Im in Atlanta now for Round 2 of the FormulaD series – Round 1 went OK, qualified 2nd (as usual) then unfortunately spun behind a slower driver in Top16.

Practice went well yeaterday, good chance of Rain this weekend which should make things very interesting!! :) :) :)

Catch ya later!!!

D-MAC out


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Darren McNamara (FD / Ireland):
Run1 102mph entry, Score 90.33
Run 2 great angle and speed through the sweeper, and on the wall. Entry speed of 103mph, score 95.75

With his 2nd run score, Darren finishes 5th Overall after qualifying!!!!



D-Mac featured in yet more RedBull World Championship videos!

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Red Bull Drifting World Championship 2008 PREVIEW

Red Bull Drifting World Championship

Red Bull Drifting World Finals Nov 15/16 in Long Beach Ports

Getting ready for the RedBull World Championshipds in Long Beach!!

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